The PowerTrans represents a new product philosophy which conquers new areas both in mechanical engineering and processing technology.  The PowerTrans finds universal application - today and in the future.


Suitable for high performance processing of all types of linen Applicable for a use characterized by frequent process and colour changes Bottom transfer with swinging washing movement Available for the batch sizes 36 kg, 50 kg, 75 kg and 100 kg Hourly capacity between 250 kg and 3,500 kg possible Available with steam or gas heating Because of the dry transfer, the batch of any type of fabric is reliably transported into the rinsing zone without the free liquor – enormous fresh water saving. Bath exchange with standing baths in the pre- and main wash zone Modern SPS control.


The Kannegiesser PowerPress redefines moisture extraction in tunnel washer systems. One of the most important developments modern moisture extractions is optimum performance with all types of laundry, even for very short wash cycles and delicate articles. The subsequent energy savings in drying and ironing are considerable.


•  Optimum performance with all types of laundry

•  High degree of reliability even if the press is overloaded

•  For cake diameters of 1.000 mm or 1.300 mm

•  Available for the batch sizes 40 kg, 60 kg, 85 kg

•  The model PP 13 is available for batch sizes from 85 kg up to 130 kg (cake diameter: 1.300 mm)

•  Additionally we offer the PowerPress Universal, a special exchange press for low space requirements and batch sizes of 50 kg

•  All models available with a maximum pressure of 40 bar or 56 bar (PP 13: 54 bar) – minimum moisture retention and a considerable increased performance with short or long wash cycle times

•  Optimum system integration in all continuous batch tunnel washers commercially available worldwide

•  Gentle and hygienic unloading onto the conveyor system for the dryer

•  optionally 1000 l collection tank

•  SPS control with 99 pressing processes for individual adaptation to your range of articles


The optimised air flow Transfer Dryer PowerDry presents more efficiency in the drying process. A universal dryer, which can be used for pre-drying, shacking out and full drying of a wide variations of towels, laminates, blended fabrics, micro fibre fabrics and also special articles.


For different types of goods, such as terry, laminates, blended fabrics, microfibers, special items, etc.

•  Available in 40 kgs, 60 kgs, 85 kgs, 120 kgs, 175 kgs and 220 kgs

•  Heating: steam, gas, hot oil

•  The ECO2power concept combines low energy consumption and high performance

•  Infra-touch control (option) in order to determine the optimum dry points taking into account all influencing factors

•  Cool-down device (option) to improve performance by a controlled rapid cooling process