Due to the logistic advantages for storage and shipping of folded articles, folding robots are more and more becoming standard in modern laundries. With the application of these machines there is an enormous economy of scale generated per operator. Performance and productivity increases are multifold.


•  Application for the hole range of formed parts, including bip overalls

•  Two performance classes: FA-X A 700 with a maximum of 700 pieces per hour; and FA-X A 900 with a maximum of 900 pieces per hour

•  Modular conception: FA-X M, FA-X A 700/900/Industry

•  Automated operation: article feeding by special system hangers for folding robots, detachment of the hanger and the article as well as transport of the empty hangers

•  Folding of every article with one universal folding program:

o  Automatically article identification

o  Shaft-belt principle in the cross folding station and elastic mounted folding wings in the length folding station enable automatic thickness adjustment

•  High safety standard because of the constant positive control of the article

•  Continuous belting prevents jamming

•  Folded items are held in a perfect orientation due to the lifting stacker which presses every article against a metal plate after the folding process

•  Precise function control because of item tracking in the machine


The Compact finisher of the S-MT series is developed for the lower production range. While a fully automatic cycle process the washed garments are finished with a very high quality. The permanent availability of a controlled mixture of steam and hot air causes articles to heat up quickly without ever allowing them to become over-dry. This protects the garment s and avoids cresses.


•  Applicable for any garments in the healthcare, workwear and nursing home sector

•  In 2 performance classes available:

o  S-MT 1-250 with up to 250 garments per hour

o  S-MT 1-400 with up to 400 garments per hour

•  Gas or Steam heated

•  Works with a 3-Phase-Finish: Heat-up/Source Zone, Steam-Air Mixture Zone, Hot Air Only Zone

•  Automatic lint screen cleaning for a continuous and efficient process flow


With the Kannegiesser Series XMT tunnel finisher, garments can be finished during the entire cycle process. Compared to other more traditional tunnel finishers, the new generation has an excellent finish quality with a reduced energy input.