With the HPM.II Kannegiesser offers a consequent development of a powerful ironer and thus the solution for various requirements of a modern ironing process. The principle of roll/bed is the most efficient and economic technology for the drying and ironing process of flatwork linen.


•  For the hotel, hospital, and table linen range

•  Electro-polished, flexible stainless steel heating band (particularly smooth ironing surfaceà gentle ironer process with excellent thermal conductivity)

•  New Ironer Springs "KannPress PLUS" made of high-strength stainless steel for uniform surface area pressure and packing of local partial thickness transitions

•  Fully steam heated bridge

•  Flexi Care Package (Heating band temperature, adaptable to individual programs, and various items, selective roll pressure adjustment)

•  Practical machine design


High Output for Industrial Applications


•  Polished Chest Design, resulting in Optimal Pressure Distribution

•  Minimal Heat Loss through Excellent Insulation

•  Transparent Hood Design for optimal Monitoring and Inspection

•  Service Friendly Roll Lift

•  Highest Chest Rigidity

•  Multiple Sizes and Widths